Sweet Sample Box 2
Sweet Sample Box 2

Sweet Sample Box 2

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Our sample boxes holds about 200g of wax, that’s the same amount as 4 of our Snapbars


Our Lemon Sherbet Fragrance is identical to the classic sweet lemon sherbet scent. 

This nostalgic fragrance is bursting with sweet citrus and zesty aromas to make your mouth water!



Our Rhubarb & Custard Fragrance is similar in style to the popular cleaning brand scent. Packed full of sweet vanilla aromas. A must have fragrance!



Our Parma Violet Fragrance is a concentrated aroma, identical to the scent of those little purple parma violet sweets.



Our Pear Drops Fragrance Oil has a wonderful aroma identical to the scent of those red and yellow pear drop sweets we loved as kids! This fragrance is packed with elevating fresh and sweet base notes. An up lifting fragrances which smells good enough to taste!


All copyrights and trademarks are properties of their respective owners. LoveCraftyAffairs have no affiliation with any of the manufacturers and any "similar in style" are merely to indicate the character of the fragrance and the notes within it that may have similarities to known brands.


Due to each item being handmade finished products may differ in colour and style from image advertised.

Please dispose of your wax safely, tip or wipe into the bin, please do not pour down the sink.